Arcade Fire, Coachella and Geocities


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Twenty years ago if you screamed “arcade fire” someone would have responded “oh no, the video games.”

Nowadays, everyone replies “hooray.” Well almost everyone. Yes hooray for that super cool band playing Coachella this Sunday.

I am obsessing and want to see them. Since I am not going, I will post about my concert withdrawal. It has been 10 years since seeing a band play in a large venue. Surrounded by sweaty, drunk fans. Saying it out loud doesn’t sound pleasant. Somehow the music muffles out the body odor and beer stench.

I have another band to blame for my obsession of great concerts. The masters at creating the total concert package is Radiohead. Lights, sounds and intoxicating, spellbinding melodies. I will remember that day like it was yesterday. They played Universal Amphitheater at City Walk on April 1st, 1998. I excused and nudged my way to the front of the pit. Looks like I was in great company but I paid no attention. I was hypnotized and in a trance watching them blow it out of the water. Being that close to the stage, no drugs or alcohol are necessary to trip out. There is no doubt they take this shit seriously.

Back then, I used to take public transit home from work. It was a rather dreadful hour and a half long ride on 3 buses, a gaggle of grumpy people and a few random encounters with the mentally ill. I would get situated far in the back, plug in my earphones and then drift away. This went on for longer than I hoped…being car-less sucked.

My escapes happened on weekends.

I would plan and plot away. I worked for them. Hundreds of dollars for last minute, spontaneous fun. I started “blogging” about the concerts to keep track of them, on the now defunct Geocities sites. It seemed like every few weeks it was a new band. The Verve, Portishead, Depeche Mode and The Cure. Radiohead.

And more Radiohead. Arcade Fire might top them should I ever get to see their show. I REALLY wanted to see them this weekend…for the first time.

For now, I have this link and I will start plotting away for the concert date in July.


Radiohead, Fake Plastic Trees. At about 2:35, things get real. You’ll miss the build up but it is the best part. Headphones make it surreal. Haunting melodies that creep up into my brain late at night. Fantastic.


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