Play Find Your Fortune: a chance to win up to $500!

If you are purchasing airtime or gift card during the month of September, stop by Albertsons and purchase them! With select airtime and gift card purchases you can get a chance to earn 5x’s the amount (up to $500) at Albertsons. This is great if you tend to purchase these items. I like to get gift cards as gifts for friends and family.

If I won the $500, I would treat myself to something new. I do not love going to the mall. Yet, last week I went to the department store looking for a cocktail dress and forgot how much I loved this particular store. All the new clothes for the season were being stocked. Aisles and aisles of autumn colors. Sigh. I would head back and get a few items that I had to ignore. Like a cute, over sized, cozy sweater. Parachute pants and boots. Just kidding about the pants. After my shopping spree, I would pick up some tasty coffee drink and relax the rest of the afternoon. Sadly, I have the money already spent that quick in my head. I cannot resist.

Anyhow as you can see, I know how I would use an extra $500 and then some. How would you spend the $500?


Get more details below on how to get a chance to win:

This month, you can win 5x the value of your airtime or select gift card you buy, up to $500 by playing Find Your Fortune at any participating Southern California Albertsons.Through the end of September, you will receive a print at checkout with a code for each airtime or select gift card you purchase. To see if you’re a winner, enter your codes at You’ll know instantly if you’ve Found Your Fortune, and will receive your prize direct via email. You can play up to 5 times every day, and with 10 winners a day, you’ll want to stock up on airtime and gift cards for yourself, and everyone you know! The Find Your Fortune program ends September 30th. There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. There is a limit 5 codes per transaction. Visit for official rules and participating stores.

This program is sponsored by Blackhawk Network.

Disclosure: All opinions in this post are my own. The information in this post is a part of a campaign in which I received payment or product to share the information on my blog.

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