Soaptopia’s Batch of Gratitude Giveaway


(looks relaxing doesn’t it)

Remember the Gratitude Giveaway last year with Soaptopia? It was hard for me to forget! Simply because it was a daily reminder of all the positives in life (friends, family, good health etc).

Want to try Soaptopia for yourself? Fellow Soaptopians … express your gratitude for friends, family or anyone! Enter below.

Hurry, this ends 12/3 @ 11:59 pst. 3 Winners will be selected using Random dot org.
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32 thoughts on “Soaptopia’s Batch of Gratitude Giveaway”

  1. I am grateful for loving family, blue skies,snow, rain, gardens,green grass,clouds,email,computers,music,and sweepstakes like this.

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