Coupon Donations for Military

Overseas Coupon Program

Got expiring grocery coupons? My helpful friend forwarded me a link to the Overseas Coupon Program.

It’s a great way to give back since the military can use the coupons six months after the expiration date. Check the OCP FAQ page. Ready to send? Go to the Base Adoption how-to page. Also, there is a hints section with tips on packaging and sending the coupons.

The Overseas coupon Project was founded in December 1992. It began with a small idea…They also knew that military commissaries (grocery stores) overseas would accept manufacturer’s cents-off coupons for up to six months past their printed expiration dates.”

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  1. is another site with information on sending coupons overseas.

    The main difference between CTT and the OCP is that CTT encourages you to send your coupons directly to an overseas military family instead of to a generic address on base. When you send right to a family, you’re more likely to receive acknowledgement that they’ve been received and you know they are actually getting into the hands of someone who will use them.

    I have a list of families who are overseas that are interested in receiving coupons. If anyone needs help in finding a family to mail to, please email me at sbp at I’ll be happy to help you!!

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