Faith, Hope and Charity

Whatever those words mean to you, these ideals are what get me through. While I woke to more news of scandal, financial changes in the economy, programs being shut down. It isn’t easy to stay positive but there are so many resources to help keep me encouraged.

Crystal, The Thrifty Mama posted about her journey over the last several years and it prompted me to write this post. The question she asked, “have you experienced the struggle of losing a job? What is it that got you through that trying time, and do you have any advice for those going through this now?”

Faith, hope and charity: Where I found them

Faith: Back in 2006, the department I was working with took a huge hit, departments closed and my gray hairs started to increase by the day. I found myself at 31 looking for a new career path.  Shortly after, my husband followed right behind. He picked up part time work here and there which has helped us make it thus far. And I started using whatever spare time I had to learn new skills, started new hobbies and busy myself with walking and other physical activities. Meditation has been real helpful too.

Plus, I remind myself (often) not to stress over things out of my control, ie  the Vons coupon policy changes. While a lot of my budget relies on these discounts, the sudden shifts are inevitable. So I focus on moving forward with the understanding that every day is not perfect nor do I have to like it.

Hope: Find hope with friends and acquaintances by sharing your stories. Having a heart-to-heart with a dear friend can help so much. One of my long time friends shared with me the depression she felt over the last year. I was shocked, my super positive, enthusiastic buddy felt such despair. It made me realize her vulnerability but yet she had enough strength to preserve, her courage inspired me. Her story one amongst numerous others.

On the other side of the coin, the situations where loved ones lose hope. Hearing these stories can be so challenging. I found out a dear family member lost their child a few months back. It broke my heart not only for their loss but the pain they will be working through. There are several numbers for hotlines to call and speak to someone anonymously. Whatever the issues maybe, talk to someone.

Charity: Again, I think the most important is keeping busy to focus on things you can impact. I have volunteered for several organizations over the last few years. It has been a wonderful feeling and has kept me busy.

Volunteer Match has a great database for opportunities, search by zipcode.

Hotlines and resource sites:
- Teen support line 1-800-852-8336 or
- National suicide prevention line 1-800-273-8255 or
- Didi Hirsch

– Food stamps 1-800-772-1213 or

California residents:
– Medi-cal
- Food pantries Feeding America
- LADWP low income application
LADWP weatherization application
So Cal Gas Company low income application

Motivating sites:
- Me You Health Challenge, log on daily for a new challenge

Again, the question she asked, “have you experienced the struggle of losing a job? What is it that got you through that trying time, and do you have any advice for those going through this now?”



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  1. Excellent post, and those three things have had a profound impact on my life as well. I mentioned in my post that my son is what motivated me to push through, but I also know that the Lord having his hand on us is what really brought us through the hard times and made me who I am today.

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