How To: Create a Gift Card Basket

A co-worker created one of these gems and gifted it to me. I loved the idea so much I had to create one for the blog. I like unique packaging for gifts. Sometimes it is almost better than the gift itself. This is a fun idea for movie, music or snack lovers cause you can get creative with what items you use for the base. Some have used movie sized candy boxes instead of popcorn.

Step 1: Gather supplies (6 bags of microwave popcorn, chocolate or sweets of your choice, gift cards and clear packing tape)
Step 2: Open a chocolate to taste test (no one wants old chocolate, not even you)
Step 3: Lay out the popcorn (see image 3) and apply tape to hold bags together
Step 4: Add goodies plus gift cards
Step 5: Add embellishments (ribbons, bow or confetti)

Voila! You did it. 

Now where do you find gift cards and get a discount? At Safeway! Save $10 off your next trip when you buy $100 or more in select gift cards AND earn double fuel rewards (redeemable at Safeway, Chevron & Texaco)! Participating gift cards include:

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Plus, keep in mind most cards can be loaded with the amount you desire (up to $500). Check with your cashier to verify if this option is available for the card you are purchasing. If you are not near a Safeway location, find hundreds of gift cards on Don’t forget that you can also save by using gift cards as cash when you shop and dine all year round!

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Get Your Party Started in an Instant with Hasbro!

Get Your Party Started in an Instant with Hasbro! 
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Want to start an instant party, anywhere, anytime? Check out Hasbro’s Pass & Party line which includes party games like Catch Phrase Decades, Taboo Buzz’d and Trivial Pursuit Hints. You and your friends will share and create laugh out loud moments in seconds!

Check out this video above to see how quick and easy it is to jump into a party game and turn up the laughter, no matter where you want to start the party! Head over to Hasbro Games to learn more about Hasbro’s Pass & Party games.
Hasbro Pass & Party Promo
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Dear Weezer, don’t call it a comeback

You’ve been here for years. All this chatter comparing Everything Will Be Alright in the End to prior records. I did not realize other fans had thought you had been fading away, into the woodwork of mediocrity. I guess that makes me different.

I am at a loss for words. Yet, let me attempt to articulate some feelings.

I had no intention of buying your new release on Compact Disc last week. But I did. I had no intentions of loving all of the tracks. But I am. Let me back up a bit. Last week, I took my youngest with me to see you perform on Kimmel. Per usual, I try to avoid reading up on reviews before going to shows. This has its pros and cons. More cons because if the experience blows me away, I go home like a fan girl and blab on and on about the show. Then wish I had bought the album beforehand so I could absorb every guitar lick and melody until my heart implodes. I chose not to and walked in not knowing what to expect. This was definitely a positive experience.

Yet, the last time I went to see you, I walked away disappointed.

Surrounded by thousands of frenzied fans in the dust bowl of Devore, I waited for my turn to get through security. Outside the gates, my friend and I realized we left the tickets at home. August 25th, 2001. Six years I had waited to see you perform and I was stuck outside. After kicking ourselves, we regrouped and enjoyed what we could hear in the parking lot. It still rocked but could not help feeling like I missed so much.

This past week made up for Inland Invasion mishap, ten fold. This past week was nothing short of falling in love with Weezer all over again. Without preconceived ideas of who you should or could be at this stage in your musical career. I did not comb through your discography and obsess about whether it would sound like prior albums. I just let it happen. I took in the moment and let it melt away any thoughts I might have carried in. How amazing it was to see all four of you looking like you had never missed a beat.

Since the Kimmel performance, the EWBAITE album has been on heavy rotation at my house and as a result the melodies are stuck in my head. Very inspiring work to say the least.


Thank you Weezer for releasing this album. It flows flawless from Ain’t Got Nobody to The Futurescope Triology. There is so much I would love to say about each song, so this post is an ongoing piece as my mind has time to process and savor all the harmonious goodness.

Everything will be alright in the end =w= Diane

P.S. There is something riveting about reading the struggles within the band over the years. Something so human in knowing the creative process is not one of perfection, yet requires years of toiling, cannibalizing and then repeat. Sometimes to points of madness and after the dust settles, the arduous labor pays off. Others who have delved into the pits of their soul can understand the nauseating feeling of pouring oneself out for public consumption. A monstrous animal set free to elicit feelings of triumph or to decimate you at your core. I should hope it feels more like the former for you all. Be very proud.

Kimmel performance 10/06/14: somewhere in the sea of the awestruck, I can be found be-bopping away. Love it? Listen to ewbaite on spotify.

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