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Everyone Needs a Hobby #MustHaveBox @POPSUGARMH #ad

My anxiety wheelhouse is in full effect right now. Between the ongoing tensions in the country and back to school season, I am emotionally taxed. How about you?

It is so easy to get ratcheted up about current affairs. I found the need to take an extended break from several social media platforms recently. I set very specific limitations on using them — that has helped a great deal. Plus it has given me more time to focus on other self improvement goals.

For example, this past week I attended a meditation session hosted at work. It was amazing. I felt such a relief even if it lasted a short while. I am a new fan of breathing exercises and meditation. I highly recommend it. Everyone needs a hobby outside of social networking and consumption of the news, right?

It is important for many reasons but mostly because as adults we need to be able to set aside time for self-care. Not passive exercise where you can zone out but the kind that actually forces you to tune in to your feelings, body and mind.

Another huge stress reliever for me has been gardening. I have spent the last five months pruning, planting and sweating outside. Honestly, most weekends I am reluctant to get out and sit in the burning sun but I try to get an early start. It has calmed my nerves a lot.

Lastly, I received a beautiful journal in the PopSugar’s Must Have August Anniversary box. The exterior cover is a metallic rose gold with the scripted words “free spirit” on the front. This arrived in time for me to clear out some thoughts and feelings that have been swirling around in my head with my birthday looming at the end of the month. Oh yeah, PopSugar Must Have turns 5 years old this month! The box included a set of cute and stylish candles (perfect for my mini celebratory cake) and a serving tray, partially pictured below the journal. I have added photos of the items for a sneak peek.

Whatever hobby you decide to start, don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then. If you get a PopSugar Must Have box, take $10 off your first order. Use the code PARTY at checkout (expires 8/31). P.S. To celebrate their 5th anniversary, PopSugar is hosting weekly giveaways. Current subscribers are eligible. Sign up before the end of August to be in the drawing! Grand prize is something from Cambridge Satchel Co + 1 year Must Have!

Disclaimer: I partnered with PopSugar for this promotion. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


Spend $300 in Visa Gift Cards, Earn $20 Staples Card #StaplesSV20 #Spon

The pavement is starting to heat up here in Southern California. I am not ready y’all — I am looking forward to some June Gloom before the furnace gets lit around July 4th.  It never fails, the weekend rolling into Independence Day is HOT. Hopefully, it will skip us this year, fingers crossed!
Are you ready for summer? Start prepping by picking up Visa Gift Cards from Staples. Right now, when you buy $300 in Visa Gift Cards, cash in on the $20 Staples Card rebate offer. This promotion goes until May 27th, 2017.
For those who want to earn extra rewards, cash in on your credit card rewards. Use the card at checkout (verify with your individual credit card company for details).  Check the Staples website for a store near you and to get more details. Finally, enter the giveaway for a $50 Visa Card — good luck all!

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Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I partnered with Tatu Digital Media for this post.

Find Extra Savings Via Groupon

Disclosure: I partnered with Groupon on this post. All opinions are my own.

Amazon has made shopping much more convenient, right? I jumped on the bandwagon to get the Student Prime shipping discount a few years ago. However, I often wonder … Is Amazon saving me money or am I spending more since it is so easy to order? The answer is not clear and I need to do more research on this — haha. 
Either way, Amazon Student Prime or Prime, members get 2nd day shipping for the year (at a flat cost).
This last year I used it many times. It came in handy while I was on medical leave. And of course, while I was out with the flu — it made shopping for household goods that much easier.
Out of flu medicine? No problem. Need Kleenex tissues and cough drops? Easy, peasy. In some cases, items can be delivered as soon as the next day.
The only down side is Amazon does not run many promotions. Yet, if you search through Groupon’s Amazon page, it is easy to find any and all offers they are promoting.   
Don’t have Amazon Prime? Don’t worry. There are even offers for free shipping listed on the Groupon page. Check it out!