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Shop and Save With #Kroger4xFuel16

Right now most of us are sweating. From thoughts of clothes shopping, the blistering temperatures and managing kid’s summer activities. Who is ready for a  vacay from the vacation — are you with me?

Until one of us hits the lottery, we will have to manage with a little reprieve by returning to the back to school routine. Thankfully, we can reduce a little of the budget stress by getting select gift cards from Kroger during their Earn 4x Fuel Points promotion.

Here is how to save up to 12% during checkout:
–Purchase participating retailer gift cards before shopping
–Enter your Kroger rewards number during checkout
That is it! Next time you fuel up, use the fuel discount from your Kroger card.

More ways to save:
I have read that some people are being creative and using their credit cards to purchase the gift cards at Kroger. That’s clever. If this option something you’re able to do, it is another way to get savings. Some credit card companies have reward programs. Check with yours to verify how rewards are earned.

Act quick, this promotion ends 8/9/ 2016. Some limitations may apply. Check with Kroger to verify promotion details.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Tatu Digital Media. All opinions are those of the blog owner.


A Cup of Mardi Gras

Way back when the kids were still in grade school, we had a tradition of waking up early on Mardi Gras. Early enough to get our hands stained with food coloring and bake our version of king cake. It is super easy to make but without young kids around, it is not the same. With Mardi Gras around the corner, I get nostalgic for small talk while the little people enjoyed cinnamon rolls and I sipped on a cup of coffee.

When I saw Community Coffee’s Mardi Gras King Cake flavor, I knew I had to try it.  coffee

Community Coffee kindly sent me several samples of seasonal themed flavors to try — Pumpkin Praline and Bread Pudding. Both were delicious, smooth and packed a punch. I felt so energized after one cup (maybe my husband put an extra scoop in, not sure).

Either way, it is now one of my favorite brands. I ordered a few additional bags and the Mardi Gras King Cake to keep our tradition going this year. The little people are now in college, so instead of baking anything, I will enjoy a second cup of coffee.

Laissez les bon temps rouler 🙂

Disclaimer: I received samples to facilitate this review. All my opinions are my own. 

Adult Coloring Book and Subscription

Over this past holiday, I popped into a local bookstore to waste some time while waiting for a movie to start. I noticed something new near all over the front of the store.  Adult Coloring Books. They were everywhere. Every theme you could imagine. One for gardeners, animal lovers and other general topics.

I flipped through a few and they were straight to the point. I realized not every detail of creativity needs to dot-to-dot. It would be nice to be able to get the most out of time spent filling in the spaces.

Art Therapy sent me a sample of their subscription service. It arrived before the holiday and I had the opportunity to sit down and use the items. I received 2 coloring books, a starter set of coloring pencils sharpener and markers.

My initial thoughts were good. Instead of looking for things I did not like about the kit, I thought about how I felt. Afterward, I felt good. My mind a little clearer. Thus, I think the goal of it being therapeutic or relaxing was achieved. Staring at a page can feel as challenging as a blank page — deciding where to start. Yet, I started where ever I landed. I can imagine if you plan to do extensive blending and shading, starting at the center of the page is a good idea.

Pros: I liked the kit. The monthly subscription cost is “…receive 4 issues every month for only $4.95 per issue (plus $1 shipping & handling per issue)”.

Inside the magazine, there are tips and helpful hints on use of color, blending and use of the color wheel. For beginners, this is a great way to help get started.

Cons:  The one downside to the set is the use of the markers on the paper. The paper seemed to ball up even with moderate pressure on the marker (see the last image in my gallery below). I ended up dotting with the marker to avoid this.

I feel this type of subscription is great for creative types i.e. scrapbook enthusiasts. I could see the finished pages used to create a variety of things. For example, finished pages could be laminated to create colorful placemats for the table. Also, finished pieces could be used to create custom envelopes. With Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or birthday gifts, the options are endless.

Note: This is a subscription service. Some of the details, “No commitment, you can cancel anytime! Receive your introductory shipment for FREE just pay $2 for shipping. Thereafter, receive 4 issues every month for only $4.95 per issue (plus $1 shipping & handling per issue).”

Find out more information or to sign-up, check out Art Therapy‘s site.

Disclosure: I received a sample kit to try out the magazines and supplies. All of my opinions are my own.

Images from Art Therapy:

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