What is fru-frugal? Fru-frugal is a personal blog I started 6 years ago. My stepson had used the word “frugal” to describe me. Probably because I refused to pay $5 for one small box of sugary cereal. At the same time, he was totally unaware I would gladly pay $8 for a tiny bar of handmade soap. Kids, go figure.

After 10 years, I left my graphic design gig to pursue new challenges. This blog documents some of that journey and has evolved with me over the years. Every time I look back on older posts, I see how much things have changed. Sometimes it is not so great but most of it is. I tried fitting my life into a neat and tidy box here. It didn’t work. Hence, welcome to my quirky, blended world of interests.

I frequently blog about: Recipes I find and whip up from pinterest, interesting gadgets and things I do in my spare time (make soap, hang out with familygo hiking and go out shopping to find a good bargain. Oh yeah, concerts). All while trying to stick to a budget.

I love to share ideas and collaborate. Reach out to me at the email below.

xox Diane


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