Find Extra Savings Via Groupon

Disclosure: I partnered with Groupon on this post. All opinions are my own.

Amazon has made shopping much more convenient, right? I jumped on the bandwagon to get the Student Prime shipping discount a few years ago. However, I often wonder … Is Amazon saving me money or am I spending more since it is so easy to order? The answer is not clear and I need to do more research on this — haha. 
Either way, Amazon Student Prime or Prime, members get 2nd day shipping for the year (at a flat cost).
This last year I used it many times. It came in handy while I was on medical leave. And of course, while I was out with the flu — it made shopping for household goods that much easier.
Out of flu medicine? No problem. Need Kleenex tissues and cough drops? Easy, peasy. In some cases, items can be delivered as soon as the next day.
The only down side is Amazon does not run many promotions. Yet, if you search through Groupon’s Amazon page, it is easy to find any and all offers they are promoting.   
Don’t have Amazon Prime? Don’t worry. There are even offers for free shipping listed on the Groupon page. Check it out! 


Earn $20 Staples Gift Card With Purchase #StaplesEZr

Remember the excitement of getting a graduation or birthday card as a teenager? The anticipation of a crisp twenty or possibly fifty dollar bill folded up inside. That perfect treat yourself gift from a family member. But who sends cash anymore?

Safer than sending cash, most gift card companies like MasterCard have a customer service department to help in case the card is stolen or lost. Hang on to that activation receipt. However, if you want to be extra cautious, write down the gift card and customer service number.  Most gift card companies can cancel the card and issue a new one! I am not sure about you but that makes me feel a lot better about sending them off in greeting cards!

Speaking of gift cards.. right now Staples has another deal but this time with MasterCard purchase. When you buy $300 in MasterCard Gift Cards, get a $20 Staples Gift Card. For those who want to earn extra rewards through their credit card, use it at checkout (check with your individual credit card company for details on available rewards programs).

Hurry, offer ends April 29th! Check the Staples site for a store near you and to get more details.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I partnered with Tatu Digital Media for this post.

Save $15 WYB Visa Gift Cards #OMaxv15

From now until April 15th, 2017, get instant savings at Office Max with purchase of Visa Gift Cards. Perfect timing for the holiday week.

Stock up now on gifts for Easter Baskets or use the cards wherever Visa Gift Cards are accepted. Get more savings with credit card rewards.

Find an Office Max near you.

Disclosure: I partnered with Tatu Digital Media for this post. All opinions are my own.

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