Buy Visa Gift Cards, Get $10 #VonsJFY

Gift cards get a bad wrap as a holiday gift idea. They are perceived as a last minute, easy choice for the gift giver. Yet, it all depends on the way they are packaged.

Several years ago a former co-worker gave me a homemade movie themed gift box with a gift card inside. I loved it. It was clever. Even better, I think most would agree that money is a great gift in the form of a gift card. Like, a Visa Gift Card!

Thankfully several stores are offering discounts when you buy specific items. For example, Vons grocery store is offering $10 off on your next purchase when you spend $150 or more in Visa Gift Cards.

This offer is valid until 12/17/16. See store for more details, find your local Vons here:


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Buy Gift Cards and Save #Ralphs4xfuel

If you are like us, visiting family and friends over the holidays can cost quite a bit. Before that, lots of driving must happen in search of those perfect gifts — exhausting.

Here is one way to reduce the time spent gift hunting and wasting gas. Ralphs grocery store has a promotional offer that is worthy of buying.

Right now, when you purchase any gift card, earn .40 cents off per gallon with Ralphs Gas Rewards. This is a win-win. Thankfully, the price of gas has decreased, however getting an additional forty cents off — priceless (and easy)!

How to save in 3 steps: 
-Buy any gift card at Ralphs
-Earn gas rewards
-Save .40 off per gallon on next fill-up
Find a Ralphs near you:


If you are not celebrating the holidays, treat yourself! Buy a gift card for future use and save with gas rewards. This offer is good until December 13, 2016. See store for more details.

Disclosure: All opinions are our own. I collaborated withTatu Digital Media on this post.


Shop and Save With #Kroger4xFuel16

Right now most of us are sweating. From thoughts of clothes shopping, the blistering temperatures and managing kid’s summer activities. Who is ready for a  vacay from the vacation — are you with me?

Until one of us hits the lottery, we will have to manage with a little reprieve by returning to the back to school routine. Thankfully, we can reduce a little of the budget stress by getting select gift cards from Kroger during their Earn 4x Fuel Points promotion.

Here is how to save up to 12% during checkout:
–Purchase participating retailer gift cards before shopping
–Enter your Kroger rewards number during checkout
That is it! Next time you fuel up, use the fuel discount from your Kroger card.

More ways to save:
I have read that some people are being creative and using their credit cards to purchase the gift cards at Kroger. That’s clever. If this option something you’re able to do, it is another way to get savings. Some credit card companies have reward programs. Check with yours to verify how rewards are earned.

Act quick, this promotion ends 8/9/ 2016. Some limitations may apply. Check with Kroger to verify promotion details.

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