Arcade Fire, Coachella and Geocities

Image credit: NBC, SNL Twenty years ago if you screamed “arcade fire” someone would have responded “oh no, the video games.” Nowadays, everyone replies “hooray.” Well almost everyone. Yes hooray for that super cool band playing Coachella this … [Continue reading]

What’s Inside Your Johari Window?

This question keeps surfacing in various forums and I find myself asking the same question. How personal is too personal for a blog post? There is no easy answer. Yet an interesting technique from communications can help reduce publishing anxiety. It … [Continue reading]

Just Say No to Ban Bossy

It is no surprise the buzz for this campaign fizzled so quickly. I grew up in the generation where we played outside well after the street lights came on. If we skinned our toes from riding our bikes barefoot, our parents would rinse out the … [Continue reading]