Save On Road Trip Fuel with #Kroger4xFuel

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Road trip! Spring Break is around the corner and gas prices have gone up a bit. Until I purchase a hybrid vehicle, I’m going to have to keep looking for ways to save. Including the use of fuel discounts.

One of my favorite road trips was around 2009. Almost ten years ago… wow! It is time to return to Yosemite. I would love to see Yosemite Falls. After all the rain this year, I could imagine it is beautiful.

Another beautiful view.

Yet there are so many other places that I have not been, that are worthy of seeing. My husband and I have discussed revisiting the Grand Canyon. We went in 2002 and did not spend too much time seeing the sites. It was an extremely short trip. There are too many places to consider but here’s a list of my top 5 in California:

  1. Yosemite
  2. Lake Tahoe
  3. Sequoias
  4. Redwoods
  5. Mount Shasta    

If money or time wasn’t an issue, where would you road trip? What’s on your top 5 list? Or where would you like to go on Spring Break?

Keep those all in mind and consider it a possibility by saving on fuel from Ralphs Grocery Store promotion. Purchase any gift card and earn 4x fuel points at Ralphs Grocery Store. Sign up for the digital coupon and get more savings on your next fuel up. The offer ends March 21, 2017. See store for more details.

Share Your IndividualiTEA

The National Tea Council wants to celebrate National Hot Tea Day with you on January 12, 2017. They are hosting a little giveaway with Frufrugal (find details here) and wanted to let you know about their current sweepstakes.

Here is how to get entered. Sip a little tea to get inspiration for this contest, then snap a photo. The National Tea Council wants to see/hear about your love for tea. Upload your photo to Twitter, include @teacouncil and the #IndividualiTEA hashtag to gain an entry. Get your entry in by January 31, 2017. A winner will be drawn from all eligible entries received. The prize is $500 + one year of tea! Check their post for further details and see official rules.

So get the tea kettle going and share your #IndividualiTEA with the NTC. Good luck, all!

Disclosure: All opinions are our own. Thank you National Tea Council for sponsoring this post.

Buy Visa Gift Cards, Get $10 #VonsJFY

Gift cards get a bad wrap as a holiday gift idea. They are perceived as a last minute, easy choice for the gift giver. Yet, it all depends on the way they are packaged.

Several years ago a former co-worker gave me a homemade movie themed gift box with a gift card inside. I loved it. It was clever. Even better, I think most would agree that money is a great gift in the form of a gift card. Like, a Visa Gift Card!

Thankfully several stores are offering discounts when you buy specific items. For example, Vons grocery store is offering $10 off on your next purchase when you spend $150 or more in Visa Gift Cards.

This offer is valid until 12/17/16. See store for more details, find your local Vons here:


Disclosure: All opinions are our own. I collaborated withTatu Digital Media on this post.

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